Songs, journeys and humble beginnings.

PoetLab released their self titled debut in June of 2010. Recorded by the band in their small studio space in San Jose, CA, and at acclaimed producer Randy Emata’s studio in Los Angeles, PoetLab chiseled away at a stockpile of inspiration to compile a new album, their first incorporated effort. The songs are a catalog of life experiences, lost loves, and hope. The debut album received 5 star reviews from thousands of listeners through iTunes,, and Jango Radio (over 100,000 impressions and counting).

PoetLab’s core members, Greg Randuch, Steve Hermosillo and Randy Emata have forged a brotherhood, in life and music, that breeds and balances endless creativity. Greg’s soaring song writing ideas are harnessed and refined by Steve’s inherent knack for creative direction, and bolstered by his musical offerings. Randy shapes, records, mixes and assists with structure.

PoetLab’s sophmore release titled “Evolve” is simply an evolution of where they left off on their first release… the band conciously leaped forward to create something that was unique to anything they had recorded previously. New textures, new rhythms, and a fresh approach are abundant on the new release. Also released are two single EP’s that include dance remix’s of When It Glows from renouned San Francisco DJ/producer Kepi, as well as a remix of Wearing White from their debut album. The song Before is also released as a single with two acoustic bonus tracks of Jump In and Angel (from debut album) are included.